Duo of olives with saffron


Net weight: 130 g

Artisanal products



Black and green olives are milled together proportionately. Pre-mixed lemon peels are added. The mixture is infused with saffron in abundance of lemon juice. Timut de Katmandu pepper is added to spice up the preparation, this gives the preparation a taste of grape fruits and enhances it. The mixture is cooked in pectin sugar on slow and soft flame until it becomes marmalade. This product can be well enjoyed when served with foies gras, ripened cheese or salads. Ideal on toasts for aperitif.

Average nutritional values For 100 g For 130 g
energy 199 kcal 260 kcal
lipids 12.20 g 15.87 g
carbohydrate 22.07 g 28.69 g
proteins 0.51 g 0.66 g

Additional information

Weight 130 g