Filaments of pure saffron (1 g)


Net weight: 1 g

Cultivated in Vauvert (30-Gard)

Artisanal products



The saffron is harvested and dried with great care. Category 1. Bio (natural), during conversion period. The filaments are packed in small jars with corks and sealed with wax. The small jar is placed in an opaque cartoon box to allow for a maximum conservation. The gastronomic and therapeutic quality of the spice is know since the age of antiquity. The aroma, colour and savour of saffron will transform your culinary preparations of all sorts. Your purchase will be accompanied by a user guide manual .

Recipe ideas :
Rabbit with aromatic herbs and saffron
Orange cake with saffron and olive oil
Ravioli with squash and saffron
Zucchini and surimis mousse in saffron cream
Mussels with saffron cream

Average nutritional values For 100 g For 1 g
energy 310 kcal 3.10 kcal
lipids 6.00 g 0.06 g
carbohydrate 65.00 g 0.65 g
proteins 11.00 g 0.11 g

Additional information

Weight 2 g