Saffron red syrup


Net volume: 25 cl

Artisanal products



This syrup can be taken as cold drinks or as sweetener for tea and tisanes. A delight for kids on all kinds of dairy desserts, petits suisses, fromage blanc, yaourts nature, (cheeses and yoghurt). It will also serve as a delicate topping for different tarts and pastry. With alcohol or dry white wine, it is used for confectioning kir or an original cocktail.

Recipe idea :
Sweet apple crumble with saffron sauce

Average nutritional values For 100 g For 310 g
energy 198 kcal 613 kcal
lipids 3.60 g 11.16 g
carbohydrate 44.10 g 136.40 g
proteins 6.98 g 21.70 g

Additional information

Weight 540 g