Safran de Salomon is a company dedicated to saffron cultivation, created in 2014 by Frédéric JAURAS. The company’s main purpose is to produce high-quality saffron as well as to sell saffron based-products.  As a saffron producer, Frédéric Jauras has gained a lot of experience due to its involvement in numerous projects across Europe.

saffron producer

Safran de Salomon and Frédéric Jauras

Frédéric JAURAS made his debut and gathered a solid experience as saffron producer in the Balkans. More precisely, in Kozani (Greece), in Macedonia and in Vulcania Baia (Romania). After a cultural experience in Tunisia — which was interrupted by the political disorders in the country — Mr Jauras moved back to France. His will was to develop the French saffron agribusiness. In order to do that, he is carrying out operations to obtain a PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication).

In July 2014, Nestlés Water Supply Sud made 3 hectares of lands in Vergèze available for Mr Jauras. These lands are included in the organic area of the Perrier spring. It is there that the bulbs were planted and in the following autumn the first saffron production was harvested.

The company is part of the Association “Safran de Camargue”. Within the association, 5000 square metres of saffron are being cultivated and the company proposes a course on how to become a saffron producer for aspirants willing to settle in one of the 8 municipalities of Vergèze’s area.