“Safran de Salomon” offers you the opportunity to be trained as a saffron producer, thanks to a course provided by Mr. Jauras, the company director.

Objective of the course: train candidates, in botany and crop practices, and also in marketing and sales networks techniques, with an awareness of the elements of social and solidarity economics.

Profile of the candidates: for both genders, with preference for women, due to the particularities of the cultivation.

Candidates must be motivated to settle as a full-time farmer or as a joint contributor and a willingness to join an association of producers that complies with a specification.

The course, lasting for a total of 8 days, is divided into two periods that accompany the cycle of saffron, both representing high points of the cultivation.

– May-June: removing the corms and new plantations (4 days)

– October-November: harvesting and pruning-drying-packaging (4 days)


Theoretical training Duration Subjects taught

History and place of saffron in different civilizations


Botany – crop cycle


Crop practices France, Spain, Italy, Greece

(Soils, plantations, soil enrichment products and inputs, active fallows)

Practical training Duration Subjects taught

Planting the corms after soil preparation


Nursery: removing corms, cleaning, calibration


Nursery practices of bulblets and practice of flower production.


Theoretical/practical training Duration Subjects taught

14 h

Picking, pruning of pistils, sorting and drying

7 h

Packaging and storage – derivatives

7 h

Cooperatives of the ESS – Marketing


To meet a repeated request of already established saffron producers, and to comply with the information obligation with regard to new regulations, in particular the labelling of nutritional values applicable since 13/12/2016, an additional training day will be provided during the second training session (without modification of the price of the training).


Theoretical training Duration Subjects taught

Export customs regulations


EEC regulations

Hygiene – traceability – labelling (13/12/16)


Presentation of the American and Canadian market

For further information, please contact the company directly.