Learn more about saffron by visiting our crops. We would be happy to welcome you during the blossom period.

Our company “Safran de Salomon” is located in Vauvert, a village with 10,000 inhabitants in the department of Gard, in the Occitanie area.

Our team will be glad to welcome you and to show you the crops.

This visit (5 eur /adult – 2 eur children) will last about an hour and it will be conducted when the flowers blossom as it is the most interesting moment of the saffron culture. The harvest lasts from four to six weeks. This means you can visit the saffron crops starting from the end of October to the 10th of December so that you can take part in the gathering of yields.

During the visit we will introduce you to saffron through our comments and explanations and you will also have the possibility to take part in the flower gathering. Moreover, this visit will help you find out more about saffron and you may wish to use it more frequently as an ingredient when cooking your favorite meals.

Usually harvesting occurs in the following way : as the fields bloom every morning, we pick the flowers, then, back in the workshop we sort, dry and trim them. The following day, the field is full again, and the same process reoccurs everyday throughout the harvest period.

At the end of the visit, we will offer you our products for sale, after a tasting on the spot.

For further information and if you are interested, please contact our saffron company directly.